We all love the sun, but its invisible rays can damage our skin and harm our eyesight. We'll give you all the help and advice you need to see clearly in the sun - and choosing your sunglasses couldn't be easier, with prescription sun lenses available for most frames.

Are prescription sunglasses a good idea?

You may sometimes find yourself driving down the road, sun shining in your eyes, as you search in vain for those clip-on or magnetically attached sun lenses that came with your prescription eyeglasses.

At times like these, you might find that prescription sunglasses are much more convenient and more than worth the additional investment.

Contact lens wearers, too, may find that wearing prescription sunglasses is sometimes a far more practical alternative outdoors. For example, you may not want to wear your contact lenses on the beach where your eyes can become itchy and watery as you battle the effects of sand, sun, wind and water.

But with prescription sunglasses, you have the option of wearing them anytime outdoors without the need to search for clip-on sunglasses or deal with contact lenses.

More Advantages of Prescription Sunglasses

If you have a vision problem that requires corrective prescription eyewear, you have several choices when it comes to sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are available for virtually any lens prescription, including bifocal and progressive lens options

We're committed to ensuring you see safely; all our sun lenses come with 100% UV protection as standard. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of sunglasses, including the latest must-have styles, such as Jimmy Choo and Ralph Lauren.

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