Lenses and Frames

Choosing the right pair of Glasses isn't just about the Frame and how it looks on your face.

Selection starts with your Prescription, which guides your choice of lenses, and the frame styles best suited to the lens types.

Ultimately, your prescription will help you narrow down the options for you from our great selection of glasses available. Then of course, it's about finding the right pair of glasses to match your style and your budget.

Most prescriptions are compatible with all frames, but complex or high index prescriptions can sometimes limit your style choice. This is why our local opticians provide you with expert free advice to match your prescription, face shape and frame.

This means you'll leave with the perfect pair of glasses for you. You can view a wide range of glasses online (Diesel for example) - then we always recommend coming to see your local optician, where we can spend time finding your ideal pair.

Here at Magno Optical we stock a huge collection of Frames. Below you can see an example of some of the brands we carry. These brands and many more are available in all our branches.

Eyeglasses today are fashion accessories, as stylish as purses and belts. In fact, you'll find familiar names - DKNY and Gucci to name just two - on your choice of frames these days. So don't fret if contact lenses irritate your eyes. Instead, scope out the latest fashion frames to give your face a fresh look.

What types of lenses are available?

As technology advances so, too, do eyeglass lenses. In the past, eyeglass lenses were made exclusively of glass. Today, most eyeglasses are made of high-tech plastics. These new lenses are lighter, do not break as easily as glass lenses, and can be treated with a filter to shield your eyes from damaging ultraviolet light.

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